Huge bear.

Battle-scarred, old boar (2013)

Bearcat Outfitting offers spring black bear hunts as well as fall hunts which are typically conducted as a combination with moose, mule deer and/or whitetail deer.

Our spring hunts are primarily conducted in May and we use a combination of spot-and-stalk and pursuit with hounds. Having hounds available provides us with very high success ratios and flexibility how we conduct our hunts. Bears are often spotted by glassing, and if stalking is unsuccessful, we can then employ the help of hounds. The hounds also offer us the ability to scout for large tracks and release the hounds on those tracks deemed to be large boars.

British Columbia has a two-bear limit which allows our clients the opportunity to keep hunting if they wish after taking one bear to see if they can harvest an even bigger bear or that one with just the right color.

Historically, our territory produces 25-40% color-phase bears and seems to vary by year. Trophy quality is excellent with the majority of our bears breaking the six-foot mark.


Nice boar

Large bear taken spring 2013.


Very large bear.

Very large boar taken June, 2012


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    • Historically we have used Plott hounds for our bear hunts. They are very aggressive and good at pressuring the bears into treeing. Often times bears will just walk ahead of the hounds indefinitely if the dogs don’t pressure them hard.

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