Kyrgistan/Spain Hunts

Bearcat has recently teamed-up with outfitters in Kyrgistan and Spain to organize hunts for North American hunters to pursue Marco Polo and ibex. If you have dreamed of a mountain hunt for these species, this may be the opportunity you are looking for! Neil Findlay, owner of Bearcat, has personally hunted with the outfitters and can vouch for their high level of professionalism and the high quality of game offered.


Game offered: Marco Polo (Hume subspecies) and mid-Asian ibex.

Price/durartion: Hunt both species on a 10-day hunt for less than $30,000 (USD). This is an incredible price given the amount and quality of game and relative to the price of sheep and goat hunts in North America! Prices for individual species can prepared upon request.

Game quality/quantity: The argali in this region top-out about 50 inches, and I would suggest a target of 45 inches as a realistic expectation from my experience. Target for ibex would be about 39 inches (1 m.), but they regularly harvest them over 40 inches. You will see probably dozens of rams in a day and may see literally hundreds of ibex in a day. Game populations have to be seen to believed, especially when compared to North American sheep and goat hunts.

Seasons: Mid-August to Dec. 1 then season break and open again all of February.

Good Hume argali.

45 inch Marco Polo ram.

39 inch billy.

39 inch mid-Asian ibex.


Game offered: Beceite ibex is primary hunt offered/recommended due to value, but hunts can also be arranged for southeast ibex, ronda ibex, gredos ibex, chamois, roe deer, red stag, boar and Barbary sheep.

Price/duration: Beceite ibex start at about $5500 (USD) for a 3-day hunt and based on a bronze medal trophy. Spain typically charges according to trophy quality and trophy fee premium is charged for trophies above bronze medal. Prices for other species upon request. Great value for mountain species collection and Spain is a very good destination for those wanting to bring their spouse and tour this amazing country before or after your hunt to view the historical and cultural sights it has to offer.

Game quality/quantity: At least several male ibex will be seen on a typical hunting day. A three-day hunt will basically ensure you at least one shooting opportunity on a good male ibex. Target bronze medal trophy. Populations are very healthy.

Season: October – April for beceite ibex, but varies by region. Typically Oct. – Feb. for most big game seasons. Details can be provided upon request.

Good ibex - 2013

Bronze medal beceite ibex.

Please e-mail me directly if you are interested in such an adventure, and I can provide more detail.










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