Nice cat!

Very large tom cougar

Bearcat Outfitters offers top-quality hunts for cougar, bobcat and lynx. Hunts typically occur in December, January and February.

Extremely high deer numbers has led to a burgeoning cougar population with many mature toms roaming the forests. Bearcat has very high success, with close to 100% shooting opportunities for a number of years now. Toms exceeding 180 lbs. have been harvested. The large territory that Bearcat holds, excellent habitat and low hunting pressure ensures great cougar hunting opportunities. Bobcat always seem to be abundant in the lower-elevation, Douglas-fir forests just above the open grasslands and in the rocky, canyon-type areas. Success on bobcat is almost a certainty as long as there is a bit of fresh snow to work with on a hunt. For the small cats, some fresh snow is important as these cats leave much less sign than their larger cousins the cougar. Bobcats up to 40 lbs. inhabit Bearcat’s territory and the age structure of the population in the area is very healthy. Snowshoe hare population has been on a steady upswing in the last few years and as a result, the lynx population is steadily increasing. A typical day searching for lynx now results in multiple, different tracks being cut in a day. Lynx are the hardest of the Canadian cats to harvest, though, as they are very crafty once they know they are being pursued and they head for the nastiest cover possible. They also like to circle back on themselves once pursued. Also, once the snow gets much more than about 10 inches deep, it is very hard for the hounds to pressure a lynx to tree as the lynx can casually walk along on top of the snow while the hounds are having to plough through it. For this reason, December is the best month to hunt lynx in this area.
The availability of healthy populations of the three Canadian cat species leads the adventurous hunter on a quest for a ‘cat trick’ – all three species in one hunt. It is not easy, but definitely achievable, and if successful, would put you in the upper echelon of the cat hunting world.
Early December or late November cat hunts can be done in combination with pursuit of mule deer and/or whitetail deer and lead to an unforgettable experience.

Another successful hunt with BearCat Outfitters.

Very large bobcat.

Very large bobcat taken January 2012.


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  1. I would like to hear back from you about availabilities for a combined lynx and bobcat hunt. And please also desribe your method of hunting in as many details as you can overcome. A few words about the habitat to be hunted and your price quote will also be appreciated. Earlier this year I experienced a challenging 7 day dry.ground cougar hunt from horseback in New Mexico – and got hooked on all these amazing and majestic cats. Looking forward to hear back from you ! Kind regards, Kim Peschardt

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