Hunt in Slovakia

Perfect fallow deer area.

Typical hunting country in Slovakia.

I recently had the opportunity to go on a hunting trip to Slovakia. Bearcat clients Dusan and Matus Ondreicka hunted cats with me last winter and generously invited me to hunt with them in Slovakia. I accepted the opportunity and flew there in late October to see how they hunted over there. The weather was freakishly warm for late October, which did not make the hunting easy, but we had a great trip and I was able to harvest a 2-year-old red deer.

2-year old red deer.

Red deer harvested by Neil.

We also tried hunting fallow deer and wild boar. We employed a wide range of hunting methods while I was there, including stalking, drives by people, drives by hounds, road hunting and night hunting from high seat. My hosts the Ondreicka’s as well as their close friend Tomas Kabana worked extremely hard to ensure I had a successful trip and to show me how it is done over there. I was very impressed with their organization and work ethic. One of the things that draws me to hunt in other parts of the world is to see the local culture, experience their foods and traditions and to see how they hunt. I had all these desires fulfilled on this trip and had a fantastic experience.

I was not able to harvest a fallow deer due to some complicating issues, but saw a number of bucks and was able to hear them actively ‘grunting’ as I caught the tail-end of their rut. This was extremely exciting and left me with a huge desire to return one day and harvest one of these magnificent animals. I hunted with Tomas Kabana on a night hunt from high seat and was about 300 metres from Tomas when he harvested a nice wild boar. This was a great experience for me. I would have never thought I would be interested in hunting at night, but once having done it, I wanted to do it again! We were mostly hunting in mature, deciduous forest and the carpet of leaves on the ground made it obvious when there was game approaching. It was like hunting with your ears and was a great sensory experience. We also hunted with traditional Slovakian hounds, the Kopoj. One hunt resulted in the harvest of a nice 6-point red deer for the hunter immediately beside me. I elected to pass on the shot as the deer were directly between me and the adjacent hunter, but he was able to get a clear shot and take down the nice stag.

Kopoj hound.

Slovakian hound with Kevlar vest used when hunting boar.

Dusan Ondreicka invited me to return to Slovakia in the future and see if we can accomplish my goal to harvest a fallow deer and possibly a wild boar and hunt for a big red deer. I am honoured by the generous invite and plan on returning next September if possible as Dusan feels this would be the best to hunt fallow deer and to pursue red deer in the peak of the ‘roar.’

I would like to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to the Ondreicka’s for allowing me this experience!

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