Jolene’s First Deer

Very large mule deer

Jolene and baby son with her first deer

Assistant guide Dan Fremlin has been on the trail of a very large mule deer for the last three years. His wife Jolene is now gettng into hunting and they both figured this old mulie buck would be a great first for her if they could catch up to him. Sure enough, her opportunity arose on November 21. Jolene made the shot count and she had her first deer on the ground. The buck is only 18 inches wide, but still grosses in the high 180s. I laid my hands on the rack other night, and pictures don’t really do it justice. The mass and tine length are incredible. This is a very old buck in a state of antler decline. Dan said he has lost some of the non-typical points that he was carrying the last 2 years. He estimated him to be over 200 inches in seasons previous. Any way you slice it, this buck is a gagger! Way to go Jolene.

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