New Jersey Hunters Get Good Mulie Action

Charlie Pennell with his mulie.

Charlie With His Nice Mulie

Assistant Guide Jack Pennell had his brother Charlie come up from New Jersey along with Charlie’s friend, Warren Fabrizio, on a mule deer hunt. Charlie and Warren drove all the way from New Jersey to Kamloops, BC. 3000 mile drive – these guys are dedicated hunters!

Jack had a nice buck scouted before Charlie and Warren even arrived. He was able to glass it from his house – talk about a comfortable scouting venue. Once the boys had their licence and tags in hand, they were quickly moving on the 4-point Jack had scouted. A successful stalk ensued and Warren had a first-day deer in the bag! It was a nice, heavy 4- point that wighed-in at 195 pounds on the hook at the butcher. That is about as heavy as they get in this part of the world.

They then worked on a deer for Charlie. They hunted a few days and also enlisted the help of another assistant guide, Dan Fremlin. The boys were able to get some action for Charlie one week after Warren got his deer. The guides located a herd of mulies and were able to push the good 4-point to Charlie, whom made a great one-shot kill. This buck has nice, long, even tines and is a very pretty buck. It will make a good mount on Charlie’s wall.

Charlie and Warren have a long drive home, but I am sure they had a good trip. Way to go guys!

Nice mulie for Warren.

Warren With His Heavy Mulie.

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