Trophy Meat Moose

Bull for Russ

Russ with his bull

Russ Carson came up with friend Noel Wolfe to try his hand at moose hunting. He is a very accomplished hunter for many of the species in the USA, but had never hunted for moose.

Some time back Russ tried some moose meat that Noel had brought to a party from a moose Noel had taken at Bearcat in 2010. Russ was very impressed with the meat and wanted to bag one for his freezer. The stage was set then for Russ to accompany Noel on his moose trip in 2012.

Russ was guided by Mike Olde on this trip and the discussion was had that Russ was more interested in a bull that would be good eating versus a bull with trophy antlers.

They got into a small bull the evening of their first full day of hunting, but the bull dodged just as Russ shot and ran away unscathed. Day 2 had the boys into a bunch of moose but no bulls to be had. On day 3 Russ and Mike were to go back to the same meadow where they had seen a few cows on day 2, but on their way to the site, they spotted a lone cow down in a different meadow, not far from where the bull was missed on day 1. They stopped and sneaked down to the meadow and Mike began a sequence of cow calling. There was no immediate response so Mike tried to photograph the cow out in the beautiful meadow. As he was doing this, he heard Russ exclaim ‘Hand me my shooting sticks!’ Mike turned to see that a bull had broke into the meadow and was out in the open at under 100 yards! Russ had spotted the bull first and figured this small bull would be perfect for his freezer. Shooting sticks were quickly erected, shot fired and Russ had his first moose on the ground.

After downing the bull, Mike and Russ were adamant that they were going to get this bull into the truck in one piece. This is a matter of pride among us moose hunters and Mike is about as good at it as there is. Sure enough, with a bit of work and finessing, they had it in the truck in one piece. Mike was able to do this with both of the bulls he guided for this fall. I can’t say the same for the ones I guided for, and Mike definitely won this contest this fall!

Russ’ bull appears to be 2 years old and in great shape. This is truly going to be a trophy eating bull and he will be rewarded many times over this winter on shooting a young bull versus one with large antlers! Way to go Russ.

That makes 4 bulls for 4 hunters this fall and a wrap for this season. We had a great time and took away some great memories.

Russ' Moose Behind the Quad

Russ’ moose on the way back to the truck.


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