Early Spring Grizzly Hunt

Beautiful Boar Grizzly

Neil with Beautiful Grizzly

I got lucky in the Limited Entry draws and received a spring grizzly authorization for a zone near Revelstoke, BC. I did some research on Google Earth and picked a valley that looked very promising. I coordinated a few days that would work for myself and friend Grant McDonald and picked May 1 for our first day of hunting. We had to boat across the lake to our valley, where we then set up a small camp. Once camp was organized, we proceeded to hike about 4 km. up the valley to get to where we could overlook a couple of south-facing avalanche chutes that would hopefully show some green-up early in the spring. We found two great-looking slide chutes and started glassing. Within a half-hour a beautiful grizzly was spotted out feeding. The next challenge was to get across the river that separated us and within shooting distance of the bear. Getting across the river and through about 4 feet of snow in the valley bottom was a bit of an ordeal, but we got it done. I managed to keep my feet dry by crossing on logs and snow bridges but Grant fell in a got soaked. We then moved to where we last saw the bear and he was nowhere to be seen. After some careful glassing and looking from different vantages, Grant spotted the bear sleeping on a snow bank. We moved up onto a huge boulder covered by about 2 feet of snow about 200 metres from the bear. I set up for the shot with my new 7 mm Mag and took the bear while he was asleep. The nice boar never even got up out of his bed. After pictures and skinning it was decided to stay on that side of the river and head back for camp. About 2 hours of tough hiking and we were back at camp – two very tired but satified grizzly hunters! Short hunt, but a great adventure.

Headed across the lake.

Loaded for bear - hope it doesn't get too windy!


Beautiful scenery

True grizzly country.


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